Tales of an African Beekeeper
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Peter Clark
Peter Clark

It is intended that this book will stimulate the enquiring mind of those who are aware that there is such a creature as a bee and that there are people who devote their lives to working with bees.


There are folk who have desired to keep bees and perhaps this read will wet their appetite and encourage them to get started. There are also those who have started and are not aware of the in depth nature of the subject that could take them far beyond their wildest dreams.


To the seasoned old beekeeper there will be that knowing grin that similar experiences also occurred in his life, but hopefully he will learn something new from these pages.


Perhaps the book will soften the hearts of those who hate and detest bees, those who only desire is to kill them at first sight. But the book might ease their burden and hopefully they will glean a better understanding of this marvelous creature of God’s creation.


The chapters are short and to the point and are designed for a reference at a glance and for that reason the author seeks pardoning for minor instances of repetitiveness.


The South African word “veld” means the vast open grassland uninhabited countryside and in “bushveld” the countryside dominated by large varieties of indigenous trees. The areas abound in large varieties of wild flowers and wild animals large and small depending upon the specific areas where these animals occur.


The chapters on incidences and episodes of bee disasters are true occurrences in which the author was involved. There were many, many more, far too many to describe within the pages of this book. They have been related to only illustrate the ongoing life of a beekeeper.


Hopefully the book will reach the gardeners, farmers and horticulturists, and all lovers of the great outdoors who daily look upon a foraging bee and marvel at God’s mighty creation.


South Africans can order the book direct from us in SA using the order form on this site.

This second edition of the Tales of an African Beekeeper is a compilation of articles written by Peter Clark for the 'Smallholder' magazine, his intensive beekeeping course, and anecdotes from his exploits and people encountered.  


The Paperback can be ordered internationally from my online store, or Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk .


The Kindle edition can be ordered here.