'Reinventing the Wheel' is a project in progress authored by Jeremy Farrell, and you are welcome to download a free copy for preview, but you are asked to use the order form below.


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'Reinventing the Wheel - Renewing the Center' e-book

This is a project of Jeremy Farrell's.  It is a work in progress, and therefore can be downloaded once you have registered an 'order'.(Select the up front payment option (not paypal or Invoice), and I can assure you there is no cost involved.  Just keep clicking through the checkout process.  You will get an automated mail asking you to pay, but it is just the automated process!)


As a work in progress it makes no claims to completion and would welcome feedback and direction.


The premise of the book is that a healthy spiritual life is one that holds God at the center, is Balanced or in a continual state of Balancing, and Aligned or Aligning with God's purpose for our lives.


Ultimately the finished version of this book will be free in e-book format anyway, but for now is marked as Draft.  You are welcome to request access.

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South Africans can order the book direct from us in SA using the order form on this site.

This second edition of the Tales of an African Beekeeper is a compilation of articles written by Peter Clark for the 'Smallholder' magazine, his intensive beekeeping course, and anecdotes from his exploits and people encountered.  


The Paperback can be ordered internationally from my online store, or Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk .


The Kindle edition can be ordered here.